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Leandro is a master at crafting stories and extracting the greatness within each person he helps.

Leandro Thomas

The Majestic

The Epitome of a self made success, Leandro charted an inspiring journey from a humble camera guy, to the visionary force behind Majestic media Group, his 7 figure branding agency. His entrepreneurial spirit is matched only by his commitment to make a difference by spreading positivity and helping others. For Leandro, the staple of his business is the idea that everyone has a story worth telling. a story that can inspire, motivate, and ignite change.

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.- Ray Goforth

Speaking Topics

Majestic Mindset, This phrase was created by Leandro to explain the mindset needed to achieve greatness. It is all about trusting in the process, putting in the work, and believing in yourself. The pillars that this concept is built on are belief, believing you are who you want to be even before you are. Having an open mind, because life changing ideas and opportunities can come from anywhere. And perhaps the most important, Playing all in, because success favors the bold and the people who take action.

In todays digital landscape, having a strong brand is of the utmost importance. Having built and helped scale multiple seven figure brands, Leandro dives deep on some of the core principles you need to build a brand and how to leverage your brand to generate revenue online. This training has been described as extremely helpful and impactful to help people get going in the right direction.

Having managed and helped scale several company and personal social media accounts, Leandro discusses what some of the basic similarities and trends he has noticed. This training is great for anyone looking to build a following on social media and truly connect with their audience. Once you have a brand established, the next step is to create your plan to monetize a following, this training helps with just that.




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